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Tow Truck Service

When you need tow truck service for your vehicle, you want to have the assurance of dealing with professionals who know what they are doing. Providence Tow provides fast and efficient tow truck service in the greater Fort Worth area.


Our fleet of fully loaded vehicles such as flatbed tow trucks and wreckers puts us in a position to deal with any towing or breakdown situation.  All of our operatives are fully trained and have years of experience in giving roadside assistance and towing services.  You can be sure we are the best tow truck company to handle your needs.


We are family owned and operated and pride ourselves in giving our customers a personal and friendly service. When you have car problems or a break down we understand how stressful it can be. We will do everything in our power to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.


Our range of services encompasses much more than simply towing. Whenever your vehicle is immobilized, you can rely on us to have the expertise to offer you roadside assistance.  For example, if your car won’t start because the battery has been drained of power or it has failed, we will come out to you and either jump starts your engine or recharges the battery. Should you run out of gas miles from anywhere, all you have to do is give us a ring and we will fuel you back up. Perhaps you have been locked out of your car or have lost the keys.  Again, we will come to you and deal promptly and efficiently with the problem.


You can be assured that any service that is needed, you will receive expert and professional attention. We are fully licensed and we also carry insurance to protect you and all of your vehicles. Our business is established in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Our reputation has been built on by dealing fairly and honestly with all of our customers.


We like to think that our response time to calls, around thirty minutes, is the fastest in the business.  Next time you have a problem with your vehicle and need roadside assistance or tow truck service please don’t hesitate to give us a call. And don’t forget, we don’t just handle cars.  We can assist you whether you’re driving a car, van, truck, limousine, or motorcycle.

If you are in need of tow truck service in Fort Worth, TX call 214-701-2365 now to receive fast, affordable service.

Towing Service

Providence Tow offers towing service in Fort Worth, Mansfield, and Kennedale, TX. We have a wide selection of towing and roadside assistance services. Our towing service response time has a general 30 - 45 minute estimated time of arrival . Our service is perfect for motorists that are experiencing automotive troubles and are in need of emergency towing service in Fort Worth, Kennedale or Mansfield area.


We can dispatch a tow truck to help get you off the side of the road and to the mechanic shop of your choice. Our towing service is performed by knowledgeable, professional tow truck drivers. We are licensed, insured and employ only experienced operators. When you work with us you can rest assured you will receive top-notch towing service.


We also offer roadside assistance services which include; fuel delivery, dead battery jump-starts, car lockout service and winch out. These services are perfect for motorists that are in a breakdown situation and know what is wrong with there automobile.


Providence Tow can haul shipping containers up to 20 feet in length and up to 8,500 lbs.  Their experienced drivers can safely load, drop off and position containers for your needs.  Do you use shipping containers on job sites? Partner with Providence Tow to move the containers from site to site as needed.

Providence Tow also provides long term and short term container storage.  If you need to store your containers during the off-season or between jobs contact Providence Tow today at 214-701-2365.

If you are in need of towing service in Fort Worth, Mansfield or Kennedale call now to receive fast, affordable service.

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Tow Truck Fort Worth

At Providence Tow we treat you and your family just like our family. We provide fast, friendly, exceptional tow truck service in Fort Worth and the surrounding cities, all while putting you and your family's safety at the forefront. When you call us you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal on quality towing service.

Here at Providence Tow, we offer much more than your standard tow truck company. We strive to provide superior towing service on every call. Some of the aspects that set our towing service apart from other tow truck companies include but are not limited to:

1. Strict towing safety protocols

Here at Providence Tow safety is our top priority on every call. The roadway is an exceedingly dangerous place to have automobile issues. But unfortunately, most motorists will be unable to detect the pending vehicle failure in time to pull off the road and reach a safer position. This is where lack of awareness and inexperience can quickly lead to serious injuries and/or fatalities. Here at Providence Tow we are not only aware of these life-threatening hazards but have implemented strict safety protocols in order to help assure the safety of all involved.

2. Highly defined towing procedures

We operate with a highly defined towing process. This process analyzes your current situation and the corresponding variables in order to ensure the best course of action is being implemented.

3. Up-to-date, well maintained towing fleet

We use only well maintained state-of-the-art towing trucks and equipment. With the latest and greatest technology on our side, we are able to recover and transport your vehicle with the least amount of stress and zero amount of damage.

4. Trained, experienced staff and tow truck operators

All Providence Tow employees are trained, safety oriented and knowledgeable. Not only do we source through potential applicants selecting only those who meet our strict requirement, but we also take the time to train even experienced operators to make sure you receive the best service possible.

5. Effective oversight and management of operational logistics

At Providence Tow, we understand your time is important this is why we are constantly collecting and analyzing data to improve the logistics of our service. Some of the areas we focus on are:

  • Common tow truck Fort Worth areas that make car breakdowns more frequent.

  • Historical data of where towing calls originate from.

  • The unique layout and highway structure of Fort Worth, TX and each individual city we operate in.


Taking these and other factors into consideration dictates where we position our sub-locations and trucks in order to provide you and the cities we operate in timely efficient service.


For more information on how Providence Tow can handle all of your tow truck Fort Worth needs call now!


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Equipment Hauling

Providence Tow provides hauling and transport services for most construction and maintenance equipment. Partnering with area companies. Providence Tow provides routine relocation of equipment to job sites or to maintenance facilities for repair.  If you’re looking to avoid the costs associated with owning and maintaining trucks to haul equipment that may not move frequently, consider partnering with Providence Tow to be your preferred hauling partner.  We can work with your schedule or provide immediate hauling as needed. Our trucks can handle equipment up to 8,500 lbs including: Fork Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Bob Cats, Skid Steers, End Loaders, Light Duty Earth Movers, ditch witches and other light equipment. Many companies use over-sized hauling vehicles and trailers for moving lighter equipment.  And they charge a premium for it.  Don’t overpay for your hauling by hiring the right truck for the job.Call Providence Tow now at 214-701-2365 to get a quote and learn hauling capabilities.